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Apple Mac & Imac Data Recovery

Have you lost data on your Mac or Imac? Grey Screen with Apple Logo? Box with question mark?

Whether you have the latest Mac or Imac with SSD, Apple Fusion Drive, or standard hard drive, at Total Data Recall we have seen all of these and more and are able to successfully recover you data.

When it comes to Mac Data Recovery, we are the experts, we have the skills, vast knowledge and world leading tools and facilities to successfully recover your data. All this enables us to provide you with the best chance and highest success rate for data recovery.

While a hard drive used in a Mac desktop or a Mac book is still a standard hard drive, in some cases these hard drives have had some modifications specifically programmed into the firmware of the hard drive, this has been done by the manufacturer to ensure smoother operation between the hard drive and the Mac operating system.

The file system used on these drives is different to a Windows file system, our knowledge of this different file system helps us extract more data during the data recovery process as we know exactly what we are looking for and also understand the Mac operating system folder structure in detail.

Apple being an innovator of technology is continuously designing smaller machines which require smaller hard drives, this means that to work on some of the newest machines in the Mac book range we have made our own cables that allowed us to interface into these hard drives to recover data from them before a commercial cable was even produced.

We carry an extensive range of hard drives that have specifically being sourced from Mac computers, these are used as donor drives to enable faster recovery for the times we need to deal with head swaps on these drives, leading to faster data recovery times for you.

We provide expert Mac and Imac data recovery from all types of Mac and Imac hard drives

  • Mac Desktop internal hard drives.
  • iMac Notebook internal hard drives.
  • Imac Solid state drives
  • Apple Fusion Drives as found in the latest generation if Imac’s
  • Mac formatted external hard drives.
  • Latest Macbook’s with onboard SSD
  • Liquid damage Macbook Data Recovery

We would love to be able to assist you with any data recovery needs you may have. Please feel free to contact our friendly team on 1800 73 22 55.

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