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Viewable Class 100 Clean Room on Premises


Our Data Recovery Lab is located in Alexandria, Sydney. Our Data Recovery Lab has been custom built and designed specifically for Data Recovery purposes. A lot of planning has gone into developing a Lab to enable us to follow a strict and efficient work flow process to ensure all jobs that come in for recovery are looked at and evaluated within hours and to enable us to recover your files faster.

A Class 100 clean Room is not an option, it is a requirement when working with hard drives when removing the top lid to expose the drive internals,. Hard drives work with tolerances of less than a millionth of an inch, this is the gap between the heads and the platters. A single spec of dust is larger than this gap, so basically opening a drive outside a class 100 Clean Room will result in dust settling on the platters, and creating media damage on the platters when the drive is spun up, this can lead to a drive not being recoverable.

Our Viewable Class 100 Clean Room is located on premises at Alexandria. We make this available for you to view when you bring in your Data Recovery job. While many companies will claim to have a Clean Room there is only a handful in Australia that actually do. You will not find any fake photos on our site of generic Clean Rooms. Having a Class 100 Clean Room on premises enables us to safely open hard drives and perform all internal work, from jammed bearings to head replacements all in our lab. We have designed our Class 100 Clean Room to house another Class 100 work cabinet within the class 100 Clean room, thereby providing us with a work environment exceeding Class 100 Clean Room requirements and enabling us to safely work on the latest generation of hard drives. This is a certification provided by an external testing and certifying company.

We have designed and  installed a secure, redundant custom network to store all customer data while the job is in the imaging process and the final recovery process, Our computers are all built on the latest and fastest processors enabling us to work through recovery jobs very quickly.

Our premises are secured by back to base alarm systems and remote monitoring, We operate multiple recovery machines from world leading multiple vendors along with our own custom built tools to enable faster turnaround on recovery jobs.

We have an extensive inventory of hard drives in stock, currently over 5000 and growing, this reduces the time taken to complete a job as we don’t often need to source any hard drives for spare parts overseas or wait for parts to arrive.

When it comes to component level repair we are one of the only companies Australia wide to be using Infra Red rework stations. We are able to repair faulty drives that have controller board damage to keep costs down while offering a faster turn around on the recovery process.

These are just some of the facilities we work with on a daily basis enabling us to provide you with a higher success rate than any other company, we are continually adding and improving our tools and facilities to meet the growing demand and be able to deal with the latest drives and technologies on the market. If you would like to know more please email us here.



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